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Skidmore College
Skidmore College Employee Handbook for Staff

Polices and Practices


All records and files maintained by Skidmore College are confidential and remain the property of Skidmore College. Records and files are not to be disclosed to any outside party without appropriate permission. Confidential information includes, but is in no way limited to: financial records; personnel and payroll records regarding current and former Employees; as well as student records. Confidential information may not be removed from Skidmore College premises without express authorization.

Information about Skidmore College, its Employees, students, suppliers, and vendors is to be kept confidential and divulged only to individuals within Skidmore College with both a need and authorization to receive the information. If in doubt as to whether information should be divulged, do not divulge the information and discuss the situation with your Supervisor.


If you have questions or require additional information with respect to any Handbook content, please contact Human Resources (extension 5800).

Section 5 - Updated June 2021