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Skidmore College
Skidmore College Employee Handbook for Staff



If you decide to leave your employment with Skidmore College, we ask that you give us at least two weeks' written notice. Please inform your Supervisor in writing as soon as possible of your last workday. This will give us the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments in our operation.       

Your separation date will be your actual last day worked and you will be paid for any properly reported unused accrued vacation leave in accordance with the vacation policy, as long as you have provided the required notice.  Vacation hours are earned and accrued evenly throughout the year up to the maximum annual policy amount.  Should you leave your employment with Skidmore College and the amount of vacation hours taken and paid exceeds the amount earned and accrued to date, you must repay the difference to Skidmore College.  Before or on your last day with the college, you are required to return all property owned by Skidmore College (e.g., identification card, keys, credit cards and other Skidmore equipment) to your Supervisor prior to your departure. You should be aware that Employee personnel files are College records and separated employees are not entitled to these records.

Involuntary Terminations

While the decision to commence employment is consensual, the same is not always true when the time comes to end the employment relationship.  As an at-will employer, Skidmore College reserves the right to end the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause or notice.

Continuation of Group Health Benefits (COBRA)

Employees and/or their dependents covered under the College health plan, dental plan, or employee assistance program  are eligible for the continuation of those benefits at their own cost if the coverage would be lost as a result of termination of employment (other than for gross misconduct), reduction in hours of service, cessation of dependent status, divorce, or death.   Please refer to the General Notice of COBRA Continuation Rights provided when the employee is first covered under a group health plan.

Reductions in Force

Skidmore College highly values the contribution of its Employees and attempts to provide continuous, regular employment. However, in the event it becomes necessary for the College to reduce its work force or eliminate work because of economic conditions, programmatic considerations, outsourcing, or other circumstances, there is a Reduction in Force (RIF) Program that sets forth criteria and procedures to guide the fair and equitable treatment of Employees. In keeping with the College's policy as an equal employment opportunity employer, race, color, creed, gender, age, national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation as well as any other category protected by federal, state, or local laws are never  considered in identifying an Employee for reduction or elimination of work. When reductions in force are necessary and multiple Employees perform the same work, the determination will be made on the basis of a comprehensive evaluation of the Employees' work history at the College. Affected Employees will be given at least six (6) weeks' written notice prior to the termination of employment unless a longer period of notice is legally required. Please refer to the Reduction In Force Policy for further specific information. 

In the event that Skidmore College determines to lay off any Employee or a number of Employees, Skidmore College retains full discretion to select which Employee(s) will be laid off.  Please see Human Resources for details of this policy.

Exit Interviews

Before leaving, you may be asked to participate in a voluntary exit interview. This will provide closure to your employment and will allow Skidmore College to ensure that your questions are answered about continuation of benefits and your comments or ideas about improving the College are heard and given consideration.


All reference requests should be directed to Human Resources. No other Supervisor or Employee is authorized or permitted to release College references for a current or former Employee.

For individuals who choose to write a personal reference, please be aware that the reference cannot be written on College letterhead nor should the letter be signed using your College title.


Skidmore's re-employment policy recognizes the value of prior Skidmore training and experience.  Regular full- and part-time Employees who have separated from Skidmore and whose employment was in good standing are eligible for re-employment. If the re-employment occurs within one year from the date of resignation, the Employee's date of continuous service will be adjusted to include time previously spent in continuous regular employment with Skidmore College less the amount of time separated (please speak with Human Resources members to determine your specific employment information). Individuals who are re-employed by Skidmore in full- or part-time positions after having been separated from employment for more than one year will be considered as new Employees subject to all policies and practices. Employees seeking re-employment must make application for announced position openings through Human Resources.

If you have questions or require additional information with respect to any Handbook content, please contact Human Resources (extension 5800).

Section 7 - Updated February 2016