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Skidmore College
English Department
Samantha Sasenarine '21

Samantha Sasenarine '21

  • My name is Sam (she/her), and I am from Bronx, NY. I major in English, but also minor in Educational Studies. I am the President of the OSDP club, the West Indian Student Association (WISA), and Co-Editor for the Opinion Section of the Skidmore Newspaper. On my free time, I enjoy watching movies, going on hikes, and writing articles for the newspaper!

As we are all aware by now, Samantha Sasenarine, of the class of 2021, passed away in February 2021. However, something we may not all know is that she was a fellow English major.

We mourn the loss of someone who was deeply a part of our community and represented it with such vitality. Skidmore’s English department is shaken to its core.

I will miss Sam's energy, dedication, fierce love of learning, kindness, commitment to fairness for all, and her creativity. A light among us is now gone, but I will carry her in my heart always.
Catherine Golden

Samantha Sasenarine '21 english class video For those who did not know her, Samantha (better known as Sam) was a warm and radiant presence, capable of making friends and strangers alike feel welcome and at ease. The kindness of her heart shone through in every action. The brilliance of her mind in the words she spoke and wrote.

Those who did know her were touched by her constant kindness, were audience to her passions, inspired by her goals, excited for her potential, and now feel her absence deeply. 

She was so full of life, so full of love, and so full of dreams.

Although we pride our talents in writing as English majors, we cannot find the words that can speak to this tragedy and speak to this life. And sometimes, words simply fail--at least our own might. Thus, let us instead allow the path she began to carve, speak to a portion of who she was:

Samantha Sasenarine '21

Sam held immense pride in her Guyanese heritage as President of the West Indian Student Association. She was adamant in maintaining this space of community and education during a pandemic where it could easily have withered. 


Sam was co-editor of the Opinions section of Skidmore News. She poured her heart into writing articles about racial justice and the concerns of students on campus. As a woman for the people, she believed their concerns were always hers—even if publicizing them meant backlash.

Samantha Sasenarine '21 spooked video

Sam took astounding and creative initiative for her goals by creating her own website. This “virtual business card and resume” served as a hub for her career and passions.  

Harrison Weir: Parallels between Humankind and Animals and Supernatural & Imprisonment: The Red Room

With Professor Golden, Sam came to love Victorian literature deeply, and among other incredible projects related to the Regency and Victorian periods, she curated cases on the virtual exhibits "A Victorian Menagerie" and "The Brontë Cabinet."


The road of processing, grieving, celebrating, and honoring in the wake of these tragic events is painful and long. But, it is perhaps fitting for a life that meant so much.

We ask that none of us do it alone, but with whatever support we might need—whether we talk with someone, journal our feelings, talk with those who knew her, or honor her by remembering her life. The Counseling Center is also a resource available to us.

Student Affairs is still “collecting notes and memories to share with Sam's family.” If you have any, “Items may be dropped off at Case Information Desk from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or emailed to the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life.” 

Sam's funeral service was offered virtually on Tuesday, February 16 from 9 to 11 a.m.

Please honor Sam by taking the time to read her work and give it the respect it deserves, and the respect it so often didn’t receive. 

Sam will remain in our hearts continuously, and we will love her forever. We will update you all on how we plan to continue to memorialize her.

Samantha Sasenarine '21

Rest in Peace Samantha Sasenarine.
May 26, 1999 - February 5, 2021

Student Representatives: Maalik Dunkley, Hannah Charity, Salvatore Juliano, and Nicole Wong.