2018 Academic Festival Program

9 Paul Lapinski ‘18, “No hablo inglés – Language and Skill Upgrading in Mexican Migration” Erik Manditch ‘18, “Can Economic Moats Provide Investors With a Competitive Advantage?” Brendon McDonnell ‘18, “The Impact of the Minimum Wage on Employment and Hours Worked for the Young and Low-Educated: An Analysis of the United States’ North East." Nicholas McWharter ‘18, “Does the Media Have an Impact on the Volatility of Bitcoin?” Mercy Paine ‘18, “Mo’ Money Mo’ Points: World Cup Skiing Success in Relationship to GDP Per Capita, Population, Snowfall, and Inequality” Byron Poplawski ‘18, “Varying effects of the European Central Bank’s Public Sector Purchase Program on Eurozone Economies” Ben Rudman ‘18, “Should We Stay or Should We Go? Investigating the Impacts of Intervention on Post-War Development” 6. Collaborative Capstone Research in Chemistry Dana 240 & 2 nd Floor Dana South Hallway (Session 2 & Lunch Hour) Faculty Sponsor: Steven Frey, Chemistry Student Co-Chair: Brian Wollocko ‘18 Presenters: Oral Session - Lieza Chan ‘18 , Deborah Kim ‘18 , Matthew Mailloux ‘18 , Christopher Ostaszewski ’18 , Karli Rasmussen ‘18 , Katherine Shi ‘18 , Robin Stix ‘18 , Rebecca Wales ’18; Poster Session - Alexandra Dillon ‘19 , Kristina Foley ‘18 , Margot Friedman ‘18 , Laura Heinlein ‘19 , Laura Hynes ’18 , Hannah Knaul ‘18 , Hillary Ramirez ‘18 , Natalie Stewart ‘18 , Sampriti Thapa ‘18 , Elise Tierney ‘18 , Emily Williams ‘18 , Brian Wollocko ‘18 , Yao Xiao ‘19 , Ziheng Zhou ‘18 Students will present their results from chemical research done in collaboration with faculty during the academic year. They will discuss the larger context of the work and their individual contributions to these projects. In particular, the presentations will focus on how understanding the molecular nature of matter provides important insights into atmospheric processes, protein structure and function, translation of the genetic code, alternative energy sources, and the synthesis of novel organic and inorganic compounds. 7. Achievements in Anthropology Bolton 380 Faculty Sponsor: Siobhan Hart, Anthropology Presenters: Kalle Fox ‘18, Anya Goodman ‘ 18, Amanda Muir ‘18, Caitria O’Shaughnessy ‘18, Rachel Turk ‘18, Qilin Zhao ‘18, Arielle Zoland ‘18