2018 Academic Festival Program

21 8. Translation for the Global Stage JKB Studio A Faculty Sponsor: Eunice Ferreira, Theater Presenters: Siye Dlamini ‘21, Jamin Garcia ‘20, Helmer Lisboa ‘20, Viva Matthews ‘20, Nico Palthey-Glomeau ‘18, Ted Randell ‘19, Bella Rinskaya ‘19, Annabelle Vaes ‘19 Answering the call as artists and scholar, students have applied translation theory in practice and performance by translating plays into English. Audiences will witness the English language premiere of excerpts from their translations in a lively staged reading. The students make an original contribution to the field of translation studies and to theatre practice in the U.S. by introducing new audiences to plays from Swaziland, Mexico, Algeria, Guatemala, France, Germany, Russia and four Portuguese-speaking countries.