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Skidmore College
Foundation and Corporate Relations


General Policies

All internal requests for foundation or corporate support are routed through this office. We are happy to meet with individuals or groups seeking support. We can, as appropriate, help you think through your idea(s), explore possible sources of support and the likelihood of success and suggest alternative sources of support. In the event that we work with you on a proposal, we would also submit it on your behalf. If a proposal is funded, we will oversee its administration according to college standards and requirements. Please note that the Dean of Faculty's Office normally assists faculty members with individual support, although we are also able to provide assistance.

Requests for proposals (RFPs) from foundations are routed through this office. All RFPs must be assessed as to the suitability for action on the part of the college. This process normally takes place in close consultation with the offices of the dean and the president as well as with other senior college administrators. If an RFP is determined to match the college's strategic priorities, this office will work with the office of one of the deans, usually the academic dean, to form a group of administrators and faculty members to craft our response and fashion a proposal. When proposals are funded, this office normally drafts associated correspondence and oversees the reporting processes.

Stewardship—keeping our foundation and corporate partners updated on relevant college events, the activities and accomplishments of scholarship recipients, and on other interesting happenings on campus—is one of our highest priorities. We appreciate the willingness of faculty and other members of the Skidmore community to participate in foundation representatives' visits to our campus and in other stewardship activities.