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Skidmore College
Foundation and Corporate Relations


Whom We Serve

We serve various college constituencies:

Students—From scholarships to equipment to academic and cocurricular programs to facilities, all of our fund-raising activity ultimately benefits our students, the education of whom is the reason for the college's existence.

Faculty—Many of the foundation and corporate grants the college solicits and receives directly support Skidmore's faculty. Examples include funds for release time, course and museum exhibition development, salaries, equipment, workshops and programs. Faculty members are indispensable in developing funding ideas and in implementing projects. We are always happy to discuss possible initiatives or funding ideas with faculty members.

The Administration—In addition to faculty, the F&CR Office also works with Skidmore's administration, primarily with the offices of our president and deans, to match college initiatives with funding opportunities. We arrange and facilitate on- and off-campus visits between Skidmore faculty, senior administrators and the president, and foundation officers and program directors. We also convey information regarding conversations and trends in philanthropy on a local, regional and national level to inform our faculty and administrative colleagues and help them to contextualize and prioritize their planning.

Staff—We respond to the needs of all campus constituencies, from a project for the facilities services staff, to the needs of the campus center staff. Within the context of college priorities, we are happy to respond to initiatives from staff members. Our efforts support the entire Skidmore community, encompassing all of their needs.

The Campus—Individual needs do not comprise all of our efforts. The bricks and mortar of the campus itself demand much of our time as the college grows, matures and enters a new century. Our community is growing, and so is our need for housing and classroom space. The academic departments are constantly adding faculty and curricular innovations, each of which we strive to house in their own ideal space. Technology has increased exponentially in the past decade, requiring upgrades and constant maintenance to sustain state-of-the-art status. As the campus nears the half-century mark, new buildings are being added and older buildings are being renovated to preserve its pristine yet practical appeal.

By securing the funding to meet the college's goals, we are helping to create a college where academic excellence, artistic creativity and social growth can thrive.