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Skidmore College
First-Year Experience

2005 Summer Reading
The Burial at Thebes

Burial at ThebesWelcome to the website for Skidmore College's summer 2005 reading, The Burial at Thebes. The materials here include supplemental essays for incoming students and the faculty in their study of this translation of the Antigone. Articles written by Skidmore faculty members provide background reading on such topics as ancient and modern theater, the classical Greek playwright Sophocles and the modern Irish poet/translator Seamus Heaney, ancient Greek history, and a variety of themes raised by the play(s) - e.g., on mythology, the roles of women, death, religion, and the authority of the state. The site also includes some provocative questions for the Sept. 5th Orientation discussions, suggestions for additional texts to explore and a glossary of names and terms that might be unfamiliar.

During the academic year 2005-6 Skidmore will host a series of panel discussions, readings, lectures and performances connected to some of the issues addressed by the play(s).  The fall semester includes a broad variety of events related to the campus reading of The Burial at Thebes. The year begins during the Class of 2009 Orientation, when the new students will meet with faculty in a small seminar format to discuss the play on the morning of September 5th, and with Profs. Carolyn Anderson (Theater) and Michael Arnush (Classics / FYE) in a large group presentation on the morning of September 6th. On many Monday evenings from 6:30-7:30pm, you are welcome to join the cast and crew of The Burial at Thebes for open dialogues with faculty about various aspects of the production. On five Wednesday evenings you are invited to attend rehearsals by the cast, including a dress rehearsal just before the performances on Nov. 18-20, and a discussion of the first three performances before the cast retakes the stage on Dec. 1-3.

Special events will occur every month, beginning with an interpretative dance in September, and guest speakers later in the semester. We have provided a number of opportunities for you to participate in discussions, witness the rehearsal process, and attend lectures and performances during the semester. Come join us as often as you can!

We have also provided a link to an electronic forum and the section on discussion questions where you can register your own responses to the texts and events. We hope that you will consult these comments regularly as the year unfolds.

The navigation bar on the right will guide you to a selection of essays and other useful materials in your study of The Burial at Thebes. Send any questions or comments regarding these webpages to Prof. Michael Arnush, Director, Skidmore College's First-Year Experience.

The faculty listed below contributed essays to this study guide:

  • Carolyn Anderson, Theater
  • Michael Arnush, Classics
  • Dan Curley, Classics
  • Frank Gonzalez, Philosophy
  • Leslie Mechem, Classics
  • Lary Opitz, Theater
  • Paty Rubio, Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Mary Stange, Religion and Women's Studies