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Skidmore College
First-Year Experience

Summer Reading Program 2006
Life on the Color Line

Summer Reading Card

Your Name __________________________________

Skidmore College Class of 2010 Summer Reading
Gregory Williams, Life on the Color Line (Plume, 1996)

Read this book and explore the author's transformative years as a "white boy who discovered he was black." On Monday, September 4th, your Scribner Seminar will discuss this memoir with a faculty member. As preparation for that session, please respond below and bring this card to the Orientation discussion.

Select a favorite passage (a paragraph or a page) and indicate why you selected it.

Page _________ interests me because it addresses in compelling fashion (check those apply):

___ race relations ___ identity/self-discovery
___ socioeconomic standing ___ definitions of family
___ alcoholism and abuse ___ facing adversity
___ sexual awareness/activity ___ other

This passage interests me because of its focus on …