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Skidmore College
First-Year Experience

Summer Reading 2015

Einsteins DreamsDear Members of the Class of 2019,

Welcome to Skidmore!  By now you know that we have chosen Alan Lightman's classic, Einstein's Dreams, as the common reading for your class.  The Selection Committee—Professors Rachel Roe-Dale (Mathematics), Natalie Taylor (Government), and Tillman Nechtman (History)—joins me in urging you to utilize the resources on this webpage as you plunge into this highly provocative text.   

You will find here various articles, reviews, and related materials about both Einstein and Lightman, as well as some "Questions to Ponder" while you are reading.   I trust you will be especially eager to consider the various faculty responses to the book, representing a variety of disciplinary approaches.  Together these essays provide a sense of the breadth and depth of thinking made possible by an education in the liberal arts.

I am happy to announce, too, that Professor Lightman will visit Skidmore on the evening of Monday, September 21st for a special evening with the Class of 2019.  Watch for more information about "A Conversation with Alan Lightman." 

Meanwhile, read thoughtfully, discuss the book with your family and friends, and come prepared for lively discussion.  See you in September.


Professor Janet Casey

Director, First Year Experience

Professor of English