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Skidmore College
First-Year Experience

Summer Reading 2015
Questions to Ponder

1.  Professor Lightman chose to write a novel about time, but there are lots of other media through which to explore the same ideas.  How might you use other disciplines to express time's various movements or our perceptions of it?  For example, could you create a painting? a dance? a musical composition?  Might you express time's movements through equations?  What other options can you imagine?

2.  Time seems to move differently for us at different moments.  At what points in your life has time appeared to operate in a manner at odds with your typical experience of it?  Can you link those moments to particular chapters of Einstein's Dreams?

3.  How important is Albert Einstein to your understanding of this book?  How does Lightman use him?  Is the use fair, do you think?  Does it correspond to your general impressions of Einstein, or does it challenge those impressions?  How so?

4.  Do you anticipate differences in the way time might operate for you in college as compared to high school?  How might the nature of time change for you?  What time-oriented issues might you encounter?   Will life beyond college introduce new relations to time and its movements?