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Skidmore College
2019 Summer Reading
First-Year Experience

Questions to Ponder

Factfulness is organized around ten “instincts” that, according to the authors, compromise our ability to think critically and productively about real-world issues.  Which instincts do you recognize most in yourself?  Can you identify specific moments in your life when these instincts drove your thinking?  How might you put into practice the book’s suggestions on how to fight these instincts?

Did factual material presented by the authors force you to reconsider specific aspects of your own life in reference to global realities?  How so?  What will you do with this new knowledge?  

The book argues that things are not as bad as we think.  Do you agree?  Are there aspects of society that are not covered in this book, and that you believe are getting worse?  What data points might you seek out to test your beliefs/assumptions?