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Skidmore College
Gender Studies

Fall 2014 Course Offerings

Course Number Course Name Professor
AM-376B NEW: Queering the City Jacque Micieli-Voutsinas
CC-365 001 Gender/Sexuality Greece/Room Leslie Mechem
EN-223 001 Women and Literature Susannah Mintz
FL-247 001 Japanese Women Masami Tamagawa
GW-101 001 Intro to Gender Studies Amy Tweedy
GW-210 001 Ecofeminism, Women and the Environment Mary Stange
GW-375 001 Senior Seminar in Gender Studies Katherine Graney
PH-213 001 Philosophy Race and Gender William Lewis
SO-201 001 Femininities and Masculinities Kimberly Tauches
SO-251 001 Sociology of Sexualities Kimberly Tauches
SO-351 001 Transgender Lives, Identity, Exp Kimberly Tauches