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Skidmore College
Governance at Skidmore College

Committee on Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure (CAPT)

Function: To represent the Faculty on administrative appointments and reviews and on faculty appointments, promotions, tenure, and termination of service, and to make recommendations on these matters to the appropriate administrative officer. The administration shall consult CAPT to determine which administrative personnel decisions the committee judges to require faculty representation. Special meetings with the President and the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Dean of the Faculty may be called at the request of any of these administrative officers or the committee. At least one meeting of the joint trustee-faculty committee is held during each academic year. Revisions to some parts of Part One (Faculty Rights and Responsibilities) of the Faculty Handbook are reviewed by the CAPT for its recommendations prior to a faculty vote.

Membership: Six faculty members with tenure, each from a different department chosen from the ranks of Professor and Associate Professor, none of whom is on the Tenure Review Board, CAFR or the FAB, elected to serve three-year terms. Members of CAPT may not participate in the tenure or promotion cases of candidates in their own departments; replacements for such cases will be selected from recent members of CAPT and the Tenure Review Board (or its predecessor, the CAPT Review Committee). The first eligible faculty member will be chosen from a list beginning with the most recent past members of the named groups (eligible replacements must have reviewed at least one case).

A member who has served a full three-year term is eligible for re-election after being out of office for two years; members who complete an unexpired term or serve an interim term in place of a regularly elected member on leave are immediately eligible for re-election provided the service does not exceed one calendar year.

For the list of current membership, click here.

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