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Skidmore College
Governance at Skidmore College

Faculty Development Committee (FDC)

Function: To advise the Dean of the Faculty on faculty development policies; to initiate ideas for faculty growth and improvement, including programs to support both scholarly and professional activity and the improvement of teaching; to allocate such research funds as the Dean of the Faculty shall designate for committee decision; to represent the Faculty on the award of pre-tenure paid research and sabbatical leaves and to make recommendations on such leaves to the Dean of the Faculty; to select the annual Edwin Moseley Faculty Research Lecturer and the recipient of The Ralph A. Ciancio Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Membership: Four faculty members with tenure, one each from the areas of the humanities, the natural sciences, the pre-professional programs, and the social sciences, each member to be elected for a three-year term; a representative of the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, non-voting.

For the list of current membership, click here.

Annual Reports