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Skidmore College
Governance at Skidmore College

Tenure Review Board (TRB)

Function: To review a negative tenure recommendation at the request of the candidate. In the event that the Tenure Review Board determines that a tenure case requires reconsideration, the three members of the TRB will sit together with the six members of the CAPT, as the Tenure Appeal Committee, to reconsider the case.

Membership: Three tenured faculty members, each elected to serve a three-year term, at least one of whom has previously served on the CAPT.  All members of the Board must have been tenured for at least two years. No two members may be from the same department. Faculty currently serving on the CAPT, CAFR or the FAB are not eligible. No member of the Tenure Review Board may sit for the review of a candidate in his/her department. The FEC will provide replacements for such reviews as needed.

For a list of current membership, click here.

Annual Reports