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Stacy Clark ('84)

Inkubate, LLC
75 New Hampshire Avenue
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Phone: 214-505-9953

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Business Description: is a newly launched online business that will connect writers to the editors and agents they want to reach! Inkubate invites writers to showcase their work and publishers to re-engage in traditional "Discovery," using powerful, efficient online tools to search and sort quickly through a comprehensive pool of writers' material. In addition to enabling writers to post their work--everything from articles and poetry to biographies and children's book manuscripts--Inkubate's system allows users to easily build an appealing profile that describes who they are and what they have to offer the industry. Currently, the invitation-only site provides a tour explaining the "Discovery" concept. Testimonials from writers, publishers and agents endorse the site's powerful Discovery capabilities, designed to search works in specific genres and categories as well as proactively and efficiently review works from a far broader and more diverse inventory of submissions. To request a writer invitation to post your work or to learn more about Inkubate, please contact Stacy Clark at or call her at 214.505.9953. Stacy graduated Skidmore in 1983 with a degree in environmental geology.

Other Affiliation to Skidmore: Alumna/us

Stacy Clark's energy blog is She is a writer, teacher and Inkubate Principal based in Dallas, TX and Boston, MA.

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