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Skidmore College
Greenberg Child Care Center

Program Information

Play is the dynamic means by which young children extend their knowledge of the world and one another.

The center's program offers a variety of materials and experiences at several facilities to stimulate learning through play. Classroom space for each of the three age groups is open in order to provide flexibility for small- and large-group activities.

Throughout the year, weather permitting, children enjoy outdoor time in the center's back yard, where a large sandbox and a climbing structure encourage skill development. During inclement weather, the facilities at the nearby Sports Center are available for recreation and play.

Class Information Ages Ratio Group Size Adults


8 weeks to 18 months

One teacher to four infants

Eight children

Two teachers


18 months to 3 years

One teacher to five children

15 children

Three teachers


3 to 5 years

One teacher to seven children

20 children

Three teachers