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Skidmore College
Health Services

Health Insurance

Skidmore College requires that all students have health insurance coverage. The Skidmore student health insurance program is managed by the Bursar's Office.  For more specific information and questions contact the Bursar’s Office:

Note: There is NO CHARGE for visits, and other supplies provided at Health Services.  For more information on services provided on-site see "Appointments.”

If you have a question about a bill please contact your insurance plan and the office that provided your care. Health Services is not involved in insurance or billing.

The Bursar's Office requires students yearly:

  • enroll in the student health insurance plan OR
  • waive with comparable alternative US-based health insurance coverage.
  • The Bursar's Office will mail information on the student health insurance plan in June.

The current student health insurance plan is through CDPHP (Capital District Physicians Health Plan).

  • Plan information for 2022-2023  (Coverage ends August 31, 2023)
  • Annual coverage $3,032 (annual rate $2,914.92 / administrative fee $117.08)
  • Spring coverage $2,022 (rate $1,943.28 / administrative fee $78.72) 
  • Coverage will begin September 1st. If earlier arrival, arrange with the Bursar.
How health insurance works

See below for short videos on important parts of how health insurance works:

Understanding Your Health Insurance Costs to You -

Meaning of In-network/Out-of network -

For details about costs for the Skidmore CDPHP student health insurance plan see below


Your student plan also links you to a national network of providers. If you are living away from campus, please call and we can help you access care in your community.

The current student health insurance plan is through CDPHP (Capital District Physicians Health Plan).
Plan Code BLKTSKID20
Group ID # 20030141                                                                                                                                                              Your member ID is your Skidmore student ID number                                                                                       Customer Service 518-641-3140, 1-877-269-2134

How to request a CDPHP insurance card:

  • Go to Member Sign-In and log in OR click “Register” if you haven’t created an account yet. Note: the member ID number required to create an account is your Skidmore Student ID number.
  • Once signed in you can view and print your ID card or order a card.

Basic things to know:

As above, please contact CDPHP or Bursar’s Office for more information if needed.