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Skidmore College
Health Services

NCAA Student Athletes

To protect the health and wellbeing of student athletes additional health related screenings are required by Skidmore College based on guidelines from the NCAA and The American College of Sports Medicine.

Returning Varsity Athletes                        First Year Varsity Athletes                        Policies


Returning Varsity athletes

*You have participated in NCAA athletics at Skidmore in a previous season* 

EACH YEAR you will need to complete: 

1.  An updated electronic Sports Health History Form through the Health Services Portal ^(separate from Sportware) 

2.  A brief physical exam (aka Sports Review) with a Health Services provider.  

  • Typically arranged by the Sports Medicine Department at the start of the Fall season for all athletes.  These types of exams are very brief, assembly-line fashion in the Athletic Training Room in the Sports Center.   
  • If student athletes have any sensitive or complicated concerns OR are on-campus over the summer, they may book individual appointments in Health Services as the schedule allows. 

^To find form: after logging on to your Health Services Portal go to “My Forms” in the top banner.  You will see the title “Sports Health History.” 

first year varsity athletes

*This will be your first time participating in NCAA athletics at Skidmore* 

In addition to completing all the general College requirements student athletes ALSO need upload the following paper forms through the Health Services Portal: 

1.  A signed statement from a medical provider that you can “participate in athletics without restriction.”  This is a checkbox option on the Skidmore provided physical exam form or can be accepted on alternative documentation if clearly stated. 

2.  Sports Health History Form - this form is mostly completed by the student athlete then needs a medical provider to review and sign-off.  Be sure to: 

  • include an explanation for any "yes" answers in the space provided 
  • check a box for "yes" or "no" regarding release of information to the athletic trainers 
  • sign AND date 

3.  Sickle Cell Testing Results- see document for the types of test results that will be accepted 



Return to play after Mononucleosis.

Return to play after Concussion – coming soon 

Return to play after COVID