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Skidmore College
Health Services

Health Insurance is Managed by the Bursar's Office

The Bursar's Office requires students yearly:

  • enroll in the student health insurance plan OR
  • waive with comparable alternative US-based health insurance coverage.
  • The Bursar's Office will mail information on the student health insurance plan in June.

The current student health insurance plan is through CDPHP (Capital District Physicians Health Plan)

  • Plan information for 2019  (Coverage ends August 31st)
  • Annual coverage $2,368 ($2,253 annual rate / $115 administrative fee)
  • Spring coverage $1,579 ($1,502 spring rate / $77 administrative fee)

Insurance Coverage for Intercollegiate Athletes

  • Intercollegiate athletes are covered by a secondary insurance policy for all athletic related injuries not covered by CDPHP. Inquire within the Athletic Department for more information.
  • Injuries incurred while participating in club or intramural athletic activities are covered by CDPHP.

 Helpful information when deciding to enroll or waive the student health insurance:

  • Many private health insurance plans, especially HMOs, may not provide coverage for non-emergency, out of network medical care (including laboratory services, x-rays, specialist referrals, etc.), or may require prior authorization from your primary healthcare provider.
  • It is your responsibility to check with your health insurance company to assure your current health insurance plan will cover you while in this area attending Skidmore College.
  • Adequate health insurance coverage is essential to avoid out of pocket expenses and/or delays in accessing services in the event off-campus medical care becomes necessary.
  • Will your current plan cover medical care beyond emergency services (i.e. provider’s office visits, diagnostic testing, x-rays, prescription drugs, mental health, etc.) in the Saratoga Springs, NY area?
  • Does your plan have providers, hospitals and laboratories in the Saratoga Springs, NY area?
  • Check the cost – is the annual cost of the student plan less expensive than the cost of being added as a dependent to your parents’ or guardians’ plan?
  • Are there administrative pre-requirements, pre-certification, or primary care provider referrals required under your current plan that may delay receipt of care?

Health Services Fees

If you have a question or an issue about a bill please address this with the appropriate provider or contact CDPHP.