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A heterosexual woman in Western countries spends 90% of her reproductive years trying to prevent pregnancy and only 10% of those years trying to get pregnant (Hales, 2005). Birth control is now safer, more effective, and more convenient that ever before but no method is ever 100% effective.

When deciding what form of birth control is best for you it is important to include your partner, if possible, and to remember that there is no "right" decision, only the one that will work the best for you.

Things to consider when choosing a contraception method

Common types of contraception

To help decide what method of contraception will work the best for you, you can visit the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals.

Most of the contraception methods listed above are available at Health Services on campus. In order to get a prescription you will need to have a consultation with one of the health care providers. Call 518-580-5550 to make an appointment or stop by the office on the first floor of Jonsson Tower.