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Skidmore College
Health Services

Incoming Students

Getting Started

(This checklist is provided for your convenience to ensure completion of all required Health Services forms).

STEP 1 Register for the Skidmore online health portal.

Health Portal Log in

STEP 2 Complete the following electronic forms in the health portal:

STEP 3 The following paper forms must be printed and completed then uploaded via the Health Portal link above. Once logged in click the menu option for "Upload Documents" to do so.

STEP 4 Upload the front/back copy of your insurance card to the portal.

STEP 5 (if applicable) Upload the Religious Exemption Statement to the portal.


Health Services offers MMR, TDaP, and Meningitis. These vaccinations are covered if you have the student health insurance, CDPHP. All others can pay in cash, student account, or Skidmore debit card.