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Skidmore College
Honors Forum

Mission Statement

Skidmore College is a small, highly selective liberal arts college that fosters academic inquiry and creative thought and expression. Honors Forum promotes these goals.  Skidmore founded the Honors Forum in 1997 as an inclusive community of highly motivated students who have promise to become student leaders and globally informed citizens. Our goal is to encourage students to take ownership of their academic and co-curricular education and to reflect meaningfully on their personal and professional goals. The Honors Forum invites all first- and second-year students with a 3.5 GPA to apply to the Forum.
Honors Forum introduces extraordinary rigor into academic programs as students consider complex questions and examine sophisticated materials.  Honors Forum students develop what we refer to as "'the life of the mind"' by working alongside their faculty on research projects in labs, at field sites, in libraries, and in studios, often helping to shape the curriculum with which they engage.   The Forum promotes and supports student-organized co-curricular activities (e.g. lectures and panel discussions) and leadership and civic engagement opportunities where students guide fellow peers, faculty, and staff within the Skidmore community and beyond.  We also encourage all students at Skidmore College to take an Honors course, add-on, or independent study to become invested in a community of scholars and leaders.