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Skidmore College
Athletics Hall of Fame

fosabanner Located in the lobby of the Williamson Sports and Recreation Center, the Skidmore College Athletics Hall of Fame recognizes individuals or teams who have made outstanding contributions to Skidmore athletics. Since its establishment in 2004, many exceptional individuals or teams have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, and each has helped bring excellence and distinction to the college and its athletic program. Please come and visit it on your next trip to Skidmore College!

2020 Hall of Fame Inductees


Elise C. Britt ’09
Field Hockey

Nicholas S. Dupuis ’12
Men’s Ice Hockey

Mark D. Green ’96
Men’s Tennis

Nataly T. Mendoza ’13
Women’s Tennis

Cynthia M. Ford

Team of Distinction

2015 Women's Basketball

Angela A. Botiba ‘15
Lindsey E. Davis ‘15
Kelly E. Donnelly ‘18
Meaghan E. Flanagan ‘17
Arianna L. Fustini ‘18
Allison P. Keller ‘15
Molly C. McLaughlin ‘15
Veronica Moceri ‘18
Caitlyn M. Opfer ‘18
Ella A. Scheuerell ‘16
Migle Vilunaite ‘17
Amber Holgate ‘16
Darren Bennett, Coach
Elyse Schlump, Assistant Coach




Team of Distinction

2011 Women’s Tennis

Robyn E. Baird ‘14
Sophia A. Bryan-Ajania ‘14
Victoria A. Engros ‘12    
Melissa N. Hirsch ‘14     
Rachel I. Loeb ‘11           
Nataly T. Mendoza ‘13  
Rachel S. Plevinsky ‘14  
Keirsten Sires ‘14           
Molly Nolan ‘14
Delaney Scollan ’12
Curt Speerschneider, Coach
Kim Westcott, Assistant Coach