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Wireless Networking at Skidmore College


Frequently Asked Questions on Wireless Coverage

How do I use wireless?

What wireless standards does Skidmore support?

How do I use wireless as a guest?

This Wi-Fi is excellent for guests such as visiting family members, admissions tours, some guest artists, vendors, and more.  Employees and students must not use Skidmore Guest. It does not provide access to college resources such as printing, Blackboard, and student systems.


What kind of network connections are in the dorms?

Skidmore has hired Apogee to install and manage an all-new wireless network in the residence halls. This new wireless network is the most current technology available. The residence halls will now be an all-wireless network. There will no longer be cable modems in the rooms.

Wireless speeds will be at 20Mb download and 5Mb upload – per device. You can register as many as 5 devices per person. If you opt to pay for faster service (or more devices), all your devices will be guaranteed at the faster download speeds. 

This new wireless network will require registration for each device you’d like to connect. You can register before you even get on campus, just be sure to register all the devices you’ll be bringing. When you register, don’t use your Skidmore credentials. Be sure to choose “Resident” when signing up for an account.  

If there are any problems or questions with the registration process, please call the Apogee tech support number – 1-855-377-4170. Apogee will also have a technician on-site at Skidmore as a full-time employee to help with any problems.

What is VPN?
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is a secure application for getting access from off campus to resources on campus.

Who can use VPN? Any person who is a student or employee at Skidmore.

Where can I use VPN from?  Only from off-campus. It cannot be used from on-campus, including the dorms.

How do I connect to VPN? The directions for VPN can be found here: