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Leadership Activities

The internet is more than just sneezing pandas...

Students have a lot on their plate.  Whether it's a heavy work load, playing a sport, leading a club, being involved in the Student Government Association or Residential Life there are always different obligations pulling you in different directions.  Not to mention, of course, a social life. I find that one of the most important and vastly underrated leadership skills is the ability to stay organized.  Of course everyone has their own methods but, if we're honest, they could probably do with a little refining.  I'm going to try and break this page up in to a few different, simple categories.  Some of the websites, software programs and tips will cross categories but you'll get the idea. 



Email is a huge part of our lives.  From various listservs to constant Facebook updates and even -- wait for it -- actual email we have to respond to, there is a constant flow of messages that come to our inbox.  It can easily get out of hand to the point where your inbox could contain hundreds, if not thousands of messages.  If you've got your own computer here, try using one of the many free or cheap standalone email applications.  You can set them up in a way that what you see on your personal computer will be exactly what you see if you need to login to OWA from a public lab.  A standalone email application is much easier to use and more customizable than webmail -- especially on Apple computers.  Here are a few reasons to give an email app a try.


What happens if you lose the scrap of paper with the note you wrote yourself?  What if that phone number rubs off the back of your hand?  What if the piece if string you tied around your pointer finger gets too tight and doctors have to chop your whole hand off?  To be sure, there are different ways to manage your tasks but there are a lot of websites and applications that can help you keep a better grip on your day/life.

Here are a few applications for your desktop, iPhone and Blackberry that you can try.

Useful Links

I've found the following websites have a ton of great information.  If you've got any tips or thoughts, shoot me an email.  I'll be posting more websites and tips that I come across on my blog.