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  • Jourdain+Patrick+
    by Jourdain Patrick '20
    As a DJ, I've discovered that everyone at Skidmore has a unique playlist for their college journey. It's when you when you mix them together, though, that things really start to vibe.
  • Melanie+Nolan+
    by Melanie Nolan '23
    From swapping my Philadelphia Eagles for an assortment of Northeast teams, to adjusting to “pinch me” moments I experience each day, here’s a look at what my first few weeks as a student at Skidmore have been like.
  • Woeser+Dolma+%2718+visits+an+elephant+sanctuary+while+studying+abroad+in+Thailand+
    by Sindi Mafico '19
    While we all have different perspectives and are sure to have different experiences, there are universal considerations that anyone planning an off-campus journey should make. Here are some key questions to ask yourself before leaving Skidmore.
  • Harry+Mooney+%2721
    by Harry Mooney '21
    How Skidmore’s liberal arts curriculum put me in a class I never planned to take, with results I never expected.
  • Student+college+student+tour+guides+welcome+prospective+families+to+Skidmore%27s+campus
    by Hadia Bakkar '20
    As a Skidmore student and a Thoroughbred Ambassador who has guided many prospective students through campus, I've collected some tips to make your visit to Skidmore that much more memorable.
  • Heather+Ricker%2C+a+Skidmore+college+student%2C+conducts+an+experiment+in+a+chemistry+lab
    by Heather Ricker ’22
    How one year at Skidmore, and a few serendipitous opportunities, transformed me into a seasoned atmospheric physical chemistry researcher.
  • Zoe+Ousouljoglou+works+on+an+archaeological+site+in+Greece
    by Zoe Ousouljoglou ’20
    Despite being perpetually covered in thick, cold mud on an archaeological dig, I had one of the most exciting adventures of my life studying abroad in Athens, Greece.
  • View+of+a+sunset+over+a+mountain+from+a+hiker%27s+perspective
    by Harry Mooney '21
    Saratoga Springs and its surrounding area are home to more than 25 public parks and trails, two state parks and one national park. Here's my perspective on a few favorites.
  • Hadia+Bakkar+with+a+bike+at+Skidmore+College
    by Hadia Bakkar '20
    Learning how to ride a bike is no easy feat. As Hadia Bakkar ’20 can attest, “Much like the slopes and hills of Skidmore’s campus mirror many college experiences, my biking journey was not a flat path and required support from all sides.”
  • View+of+Skidmore+College+landscape+from+a+stream+on+campus
    by Jenny Lupoff '19
    From my very first glimpse of it, to living it, to using it in job applications and everything in between, Creative Thought Matters drew me to Skidmore and opened up a world of possibilities.
  • Sindi+Mafico+
    by Sindi Mafico '19
    As a Zimbabwean raised in Swaziland, living in Barbados and attending college in the United States, I am no stranger to change. But that doesn't mean it was always easy.
  • Terence+Durrant+sings+during+an+acapella+performance+
    by Terence Durrant II '19
    Everyone says clubs at Skidmore are important. They’re right. Here’s my club story and how I found my people to build amazing college memories with.
  • Jennifer+Lupoff+
    by Jenny Lupoff '19
    Throughout my last few weeks at Skidmore, I found myself flooded with forgotten, tucked-away memories of the past four years. Each final paper, class or Monday routine was tinged with a bitter-sweetness. And as the time dwindled, these places, spaces and moments came together in an unexpected way.
  • Hillary+Goldstein+%2720
    by Hillary Goldstein '20
    Scribner Seminars aren’t “typical” first-year seminars where you sit through lectures on college basics and write papers to learn “college writing.” Instead, they are funky, cool, unique and, dare I say, creative classes inspired by each professor’s passions.
  • Charlie+Williams+%2719
    by Charlie Williams '19
    What is life like as a Skidmore student? Here’s a look at one of my final weeks as a senior in college.
  • Lexi+Parker+%2719
    by Lexi Parker '19
    In four years, I have had 22 professors at Skidmore. Each one engaged me in challenging curricula. And a few also snuck in some life lessons. 
  • NK+Mabaso+and+friends
    by Nkosingiphile “NK” Mabaso '19 
    Whether someone is from down the street or another hemisphere, deep down many of us arrive on campus with the same gut-knotting, shoulder-tensing vulnerability that makes us wonder, “Will I find friends?”
  • Nitin+Natrajan
    by Nitin Natrajan ’20
    Hola from beautiful Barcelona! I'm on a three-month, multicountry journey this semester learning about what social justice looks like in vastly different cultures.
  • Lexi+Parker+%2719
    by Lexi Parker '19
    College for me has been about finding my place. Who am I? Where do I belong? I never expected it, but my “home” turned out to be a basketball team that I'm not even on.
  • Skidmore+students+hike+in+the+Adirondack+park
    by Harry Mooney '21 | Photos by Amira Silverman '21
    Why did I wake up at the crack of dawn to hike a mountain in freezing temperatures in the middle of winter? Because I love it and that’s what we do in Outing Club.


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