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Skidmore College
Skidmore Loyalty Circle


Formerly called the 1903 Society, the Loyalty Circle recognizes donors who have made a gift to Skidmore for three or more consecutive years.
Last fiscal year, gifts from Loyalty Circle members totaled over $4.5 million through the Skidmore Fund, helping to increase financial aid, maintain the distinctive Skidmore educational experience, and provide much needed funding for student internships.

Why I give every year...

Carol Bogardus '69I have always been passionate about education, especially education for women. I have nothing but heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the education and subsequent degree that I received from Skidmore College. It made so many things possible, not the least of which were graduate school and a 40+ year career in the corporate world, which in turn enabled me to support a family and reside in the San Francisco Bay area. I also made friendships at Skidmore that have endured throughout my lifetime. What I did not know or appreciate at the time when I was a student at Skidmore was how incredibly talented and accomplished the educators and administrators at Skidmore were. As an alumna volunteer I have seen that talent and dedication to excellence in the education and well-being of students repeated year after year. My time at Skidmore is part of my story, my journey. I believe in supporting those who come after me in theirs.

Sarah Buck '06College is a time unlike any other, when there are so many mentors, peers, information, technology, and supplies available to students. I think if a student is interested and passionate about a topic, then finances should not be what holds them back from taking the unique opportunity to explore those topics with all of the resources that Skidmore has to offer. I don't know many fields where this kind of access and freedom exists, and I don't believe that it should be restricted to those students with abundant financial resources. I share the popular belief that everyone benefits from increased equity and access and I feel very grateful that I can contribute to increasing financial access through working with gift officers and using the giving programs at Skidmore.

Skidmore was a place where I learned, worked, played, and made the most incredible connections. I want to help empower others to have those similar experiences. I support the crew team - a small but strong team where I know my money makes a difference. And I support sustainability - Skidmore is a leader in sustainability in higher education and I know my gifts aid Skidmore in becoming a role model in the space.

I have recently been informed that I have been contributing to Skidmore’s Annual Fund since 1964! I must admit some years were more financially challenging than others. I feel very strongly that I must give back to an institution that made my higher education possible. If I hadn’t received generous scholarships from Skidmore, and on campus jobs, I would never have been able to experience the fulfilling years at a beautiful and intellectually challenging college. I will continue to “pay back” for that education and happy life for as long as I live. In fact, I will be paying after I am gone as well, as I am a member of the Legacy Society.

I am so proud to be included in Skidmore’s Loyalty Circle. I was fortunate to be in Skidmore’s first class of Academic Opportunity Consortium/HEOP students almost 50 years ago. I have always felt, not just as an obligation, but as a personal commitment, to give back to an institution that had a profound impact on my life. Now, as a longstanding member of the Board of Trustees, I have witnessed and been a part of Skidmore’s continual growth, expansion and emergence as a world class liberal arts college. It’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion has been a top priority for decades and is exemplified throughout all aspects of campus life. I give so Skidmore can continue to live up to its promise of excellence in all that it does to develop thoughtful, creative and broad minded global citizens for today and into the future. 

Loyalty Circle