John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative
John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative
Jay Kernis visits Principles of Documentary (Spring 2015)
Eileen McAdam (Sound & Story of the Hudson Valley) hosts Jay
Kernis (CBS) in "Principles of Documentary," spring 2015.

Principles of Documentary

This 200-level course will be the gateway to the Documentary Studies Collaborative. This course introduces local, national, and global documentary traditions in film, sound, photography, and exhibition, through readings, screenings, classroom discussion, and engagement with practitioners. Students will engage with theoretical and practical issues related to documentary work, including critical analysis of existing work and of the distinct ethical and aesthetic concerns associated with developing and telling stories that matter. The course emphasizes how the narrative, analytical, and structural frames of audio, visual, and written media shape the work, its audience, and impact. Rather than focusing on the production of a documentary in any one form, students get a hands-on experience of various media, and an overview of technical aspects, to help them prepare for extended work in one or more documentary media.