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Need help getting started? This page offers links to resources for documentary making (equipment, studios), financial support and documentary programming and networks. Right now this page is a work in progress; check back for updated information.


For those interested in documentary production, check out:

  • DOC Lab (LIB 113)Documentary Studies Lab, a liberal arts lab space for individual work, class meetings, and workshops with 12 Mac Pro computers, a 12-person meeting area and a small sound recording booth in Scribner Library room 113 and the Attic, a host for archival and exhibition projects with an audio recording area.
    • Audio/Video Recording Equipment: From easy-to-use pocket recorders to professional-grade cameras, DocLab equipment supports DS production courses and faculty, student and staff projects from all departments, programs and offices.  
    • Exhibition Starter Kits: Portable display cases, frames and supports for objects and text for pop-up and other exhibits, plus a permanent display case located in Scribner Library are available for classes, partners and individuals to showcase their work.
      Walking Tour Audio Headsets: Take your class (up to 16 devices, so 15 students and/or 30 with a headphone splitter) out into the world and maintain contact for guided walks, group projects, etc. 
    • Multimedia Display: A small number of 55' 'monitors with stands and mini iPads are available, with headsets, for exhibition or other display of media projects.
    • Student-Led Workshops: DocLab student assistants staff Lib 113 for around 30 hours per week during the semester and offer individual/group support and workshops and workshops in basic audio recording, interviewing, video recording, video editing, poster design, web design and story brainstorming
    • Let us know what technology needs you'd like us to help meet.
  • MDOCS Production Release Forms
  • Media Services: Two recording labs, video and still cameras and recording equipment that can be checked out by Skidmore College community members, scanners, computers with graphic and multimedia programming suites (Adobe, iMovie, etc.), printers, CD/DVD burners, scanners
  • WSPN: Skidmore College radio station
  • SkidTV: Skidmore College TV station
  • tutorials on everything from story development to production techniques to festival strategies.  Click here for information on Skidmore's institutional subscription (Academic Technologies)


Seeking help in getting your documentary project funded? Consider:

Skidmore: MDOCS

  • Storytellers' Institute (faculty/students): Five-week summer program to support advanced projects.
  • Community Partner Grants (Skidmore-Saratoga Memory Project): Ccommunity partners working with Skidmore students, faculty or staff.
  • Documentary skills grants (faculty only): Funding to cover tuition costs of approved documentary workshops and/or a stipend to offer new documentary components either in a documentary studies standalone course or within a department or program.
  • Documentary project grants (students only): Academic-year funding is available to students on a rolling basis for projects that are not eligible for Student Opportunity Fund support. Applications should include a project description, sample work, budget and explanation of need and be addressed to the MDOCS director at Most grants are for no more than $300.
  • See-Beyond summer experience (students only): Substantial funding for summer experiences such as internships, credit-bearing opportunities and more. Deadlines each spring for the summer.
  • MDOCS summer opportunity grants (students only): Funding of up to $2,000 for documentary engagement over the summer, including internships, independent projects and academic experiences.
  • Bring a documentarian to campus: Modest funding is available for activities that support campus visits by a documentarian to work or engage with students and/or faculty during the academic year in order to get participants thinking about/doing with documentary arts. If you have bolder plans and ambitions, please consult the Director and Advisory Board.

Skidmore: Non-MDOCS

External: Beyond Skidmore

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