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Skidmore College
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Bring a Documentarian to Campus

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Workshopping documentary with
Lucas Willard, WAMC (2014)

MDOCS emphasizes the intersection of theory with practice and welcomes the chance to contribute to hosting a visiting documentarian (working in film, photography, sound, multimedia, other) who will increase student/faculty/staff/community engagement with the documentary arts, either through building skills or increasing understanding of traditions.  MDOCS offers both financial and other forms of support.


MDOCS will contribute up to $300 toward hosting up to three documentarian visits per semester, with preference for sponsoring visitors who will offer the campus disciplinary, geographical and methodological opportunities that are timely, important or underrepresented in traditional programming. 

In general, MDOCS funding will not cover the screening of a film followed by a Q&A with filmmaker. 

Rather, more engaged and interactive activities are encouraged, whether in a classroom, at a meal, or in a public event. Hosts might screen a film before the visitor arrives and use a public event to host more engaged discussion. Visitors might engage different communities on campus by speaking in classes or with clubs, offering a workshop, leading a Doc Date discussion, meeting with and/or critiquing student projects, providing advice to a Skidmore Saratoga Memory Project effort or some other activity.

Other Support

In addition, MDOCS welcomes the opportunity to support organizers in other ways, such as to: assist in scheduling, facilitate connections for a documentarian visitor with students, faculty, staff and community with like interests, publicize events or host small group activities in Lib 113.


Please send your proposal to, indicating which program(s) are providing primary support, date/timing of the visit, the goals, the kinds of opportunities for students to engage the visitor and the kind of support requested.

The MDOCS Advisory Board will consider proposals on a rolling basis. It is recommended that applications for spring 2015 be submitted by November 15 2014, and for fall 2015 by March 1, 2015.