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Skidmore College
  • Skidmore News
    “College campuses are one of the most significant defenders of the First Amendment in the United States today,” said Sigal R. Ben-Porath at the first in a series of events in the Community Dialogue Series at Skidmore College.
    Sep 19 2018
  • Bagpipers+at+Skidmore+College
    Even before stepping into classrooms on Sept. 5, members of Skidmore College’s Class of 2022 had already helped in Cambodian and Jamaican orphanages and worked on coral reef restoration.
    Sep 11 2018
  • Skidmore+men%27s+soccer
    Thoroughbreds fall sports are in full swing with men’s soccer posting a win in their home opener at Wachenheim Field and women’s field hockey, women’s soccer and women's volleyball bringing home wins from the road.
    Sep 5 2018
  • Students+waving+foam+fingers+at+the+entrance+to+Skidmore+College
    Which classes to take, experiences to jump in to, people to meet and more – Skidmore alumni welcome the Class of 2022 to campus with wholehearted advice.
    Sep 4 2018
  • College+student+seated+in+the+woods
    My name is Zoe Pagliaro and I, along with Michaela Bonforte, spent our summer stewarding Skidmore’s North Woods. From trail maintenance to bug hotels, here’s a look at what it was like to have a job where you’re required to explore nature and share it with others!
    Aug 3 2018
  • Student+sitting+on+the+floor+with+headphones
    Here's something a little different: we pulled together some fast-paced, interesting and occasionally even down-right inspiring videos about Skidmore. They may not hold you over until Season 8 of "Game of Thrones," but they'll illustrate the Skidmore vibe.
    Aug 1 2018
  • A+college+student+examines+a+book+filled+with+hand-drawn+engineering+diagrams+
    Mental health, the NBA, China’s social economy, parental drug use and more. A look at some of the major research contributions Skidmore students and faculty are making to our world together this summer.
    Jul 18 2018
  • College+students+laughing+as+they+walk+on+a+city+sidewalk
    Trying to figure out what life might like at Skidmore? Here on a summer visit? Add a few of these stops to your agenda for an authentic Skidmore experience while you’re in town.
    Jun 25 2018
  • A+plated+dish+with+fish+and+couscous+
    Skidmore College’s dining services team recently earned its sixth consecutive gold medal for culinary excellence in an American Culinary Federation sanctioned competition June 8 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
    Jun 15 2018
  • Skidmore+coffee+mug
    Where do Skidmore students go to fill their (often reusable) coffee cups? Jillian Seigel '18 toured 10 spots in Saratoga Springs and found that, even in coffee, Creative Thought Matters.
    Jun 6 2018