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Skidmore College
  • Humanistic+Inquiry
    More than 100 faculty, staff, students, Skidmore retirees and community members attended Skidmore's inaugural Humanistic Inquiry Symposium March 23-24.
    Mar 31 2018
  • Italian+herbs
    The cultural significance of food was a foundation of Professor Barbara Garbin's "Food in Renaissance Italy" course, in which students had a chance to cook recipes typical of Ancient Rome. (Photo by Morgan Gruer)
    May 30 2014
  • making+tradegy+fun
    Hands on production and staging--including mask-making and playwriting--are skills that students in Classics 222 acquire, in order to appreciate masked drama and its capacity to convey emotion in tragic performances. The class has earned rave reviews.
    Apr 25 2014
  • Homerathon+poster
    For 25 years, this special annual event has reminded us that the art of storytelling is alive and well at Skidmore.
    Feb 11 2014
  • Skidmore News
    Skidmore's faculty scholars this year published a rich array of books.
    Dec 20 2013