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Skidmore College
  • CIS+applause
    Celebration in Dana Atrium marks a milestone for the Center for Integrated Sciences.
    May 24 2018
  • Skidmore News
    Super-resolution microscopy and wearable computing, medieval Buddhism and pre-Columbian sculpture, skydiving and keyboards, tacos and yogurt. And lots in between.
    Oct 23 2017
  • Cynthia+Green
    Oct. 24 program to feature conversations at the forefront of science and society.
    Oct 21 2015
  • Skidmore News
    When it comes to climate-change science, Skidmore students are working with faculty on a broad range of research. Among the projects this year: studying an ancient stalagmite to learn about the effects of volcanic eruptions and storms on the decline of Mexico's Maya civilization, analyzing coal ash from as far away as Calcutta to determine how it behaves in the atmosphere, and calibrating a tool that uses satellite data to determine how carbon sinks deep into the ocean.
    Jan 17 2015
  • Skidmore News
    Research across disciplines was front and center at the 16th annual Academic Festival, which had as its theme "Excellence matters."
    May 10 2014