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Skidmore College
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    "Life in a Jar" is the tale of Irena Sendler, Polish Catholic social worker who helped hide more than 2,000 Jewish children during World War II. A group of Kansas high school students are responsible for bringing Sendler's story to ligiht.
    Mar 27 2015
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    For her free Oct. 26 performance at Zankel Music Center, distinguished artist-in-residence Pola Baytelman returns to her roots.The family-friendly program features works by Jewish composers.
    Oct 23 2014
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    Musician Howard Fishman and photographer/journalist Michael Benanav will present original music, historical memoir, storytelling, and compelling photography in their March 1 show at the Arthur Zankel Music Center.
    Feb 24 2013
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    START TIME CHANGE: In Between is a semi-autobiographical, 50-minute show that portrays the complexities and contradictions inherent in someone who grew up with a dual, Palestinian-Israeli identity. Ibrahim Miari will present the program at 7:30 p.m. March 6 in Skidmore's Dance Theater.
    Mar 4 2012
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    The Isle of Klezbos bills itself as a 'soulful, fun-loving power-house all-women's klezmer sextet.' Band members have been inspired by a kaleidoscopic array of styles, from klezmer to Cajun, funk, reggae, classical, punk, and Latin jazz. Don't miss this free concert at Zankel!
    Feb 19 2012