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Skidmore College
  • Harder+Professor+Guy+Mastrion
    A seasoned entrepreneur in branding, advertising and design has been appointed to Skidmore's endowed Harder Chair in Business Administration.
    Jul 20 2017
  • Women+in+business+at+Skidmore
    "Confident and capable of doing anything" is how you should feel after engaging with Skidmore's Women in Business Club, according to its co-president, a junior business major.
    Apr 26 2017
  • computer+chip
    "Semiconductors: The Industry that Changed the World" will be this year's Harder Lecture in business. The talk, by a Global Foundries executive, takes place Monday, March 27, at 5 p.m.
    Mar 22 2017
  • election16-hillary-thumb
    Skidmore business professor Minita Sanghvi has some insights into Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. A scholar of the marketing of female politicians, Sanghvi says Clinton has a Freudian asset that could be boosting her appeal among voters: she's following her husband.
    Oct 13 2016