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Skidmore College
  • Skidmore News
    New protocols for travel to certain regions call on Skidmore's Health Services to play a key role in pre-departure consultation and after-travel monitoring.
    Nov 18 2014
  • Skidmore News
    Morning classes cancelled in wake of threat found by a student in a note.
    Nov 10 2014
  • Skidmore News
    Police have completed their search for evidence in the North Woods, where they arrested Wednesday a 25-year-old man who has been charged with multiple offenses, including kidnapping.
    Oct 2 2014
  • Skidmore News
    'First Six Weeks' is a comprehensive schedule of nearly 100 events through early October that aims to help first-year students transition to college life and establish a sense of place.
    Sep 2 2014
  • Skidmore News
    Student first-responders are on call, thanks to Skidmore's new Emergency Medical Services program. The program will begin the new academic year Aug. 28.
    Aug 23 2013
  • Sophomore+January+Program
    A new January program aims to help students succeed in the transitions typical of sophomore year.
    Feb 5 2013
  • Skidmore News
    The program will feature a variety of presenters from the campus community, who will share their thoughts in voice, dance, image, and song.
    Jan 30 2011