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Skidmore College
  • Michelle+Hubbs+director+of+community+service+
    In the “Civic engagement and volunteering” episode of This is Skidmore, we hear Michelle Hubbs, director of community service programs, talk about the many ways Skidmore students make a difference for others.
    Apr 10 2018
  • Steve+Rosenbaum+%2783+gives+his+TED+Talk
    In his TED Talk, Steve Rosenbaum '83 tackles fake news, a topic that professor Andrew Lindner '03 discusses on This is Skidmore based on his own research.
    Nov 7 2017
  • Work+by+Corita+Kent
    When professor Bernardo Rios saw the late advocate-artist Corita Kent's work at Skidmore’s Tang Museum, he wanted to research the connections between her work and Chicano communities. He invited Lisa Moran '17 to assist in the summer project, and now, in a This is Skidmore podcast, they explain where their project will go next.
    Aug 19 2017
  • Skidmore News
    Professor Andrew Lindner '03 discusses citizen journalism, fake news, and how to be an educated consumer of media reports.
    Jan 24 2017
  • Skidmore News
    What started as an idea in MB350, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, is now a reality for Nick Petrella '15 and Keirsten Sires '15. After graduation, they co-founded Locker Room Talk, a website to assist prospective athletes throughout the recruitment process.
    Jan 18 2017
  • podcast+logo
    Marla Melito '93, student academic development coordinator for the First Year Experience, and student Facebook advisor Joe Doino '18 are on the front lines of assisting students in the class of 2020 as they begin their college careers at Skidmore.
    Oct 18 2016
  • This+Is+Skidmore+Podcast
    This Is Skidmore, Skidmore College's podcast, celebrates a fun first season.
    Aug 22 2016
  • Skidmore News
    What sets Skidmore apart from other liberal arts colleges? Skidmore is challenged to answer that question every day.
    Aug 19 2016