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Skidmore College
  • Rock+Paper+Scissors
    When he was first a guest on This is Skidmore, political science professor Chris Mann discussed the then-upcoming presidential election and hinted about his students' unique research that was to be performed during the semester. Now, on season two's final episode of This is Skidmore, Mann was joined by Brent Azaert '20, Brian Roberge '18, and Antigone Scaperdas '19 to share their findings.
    May 24 2017
  • russia+webinar
    Political science students recently explored America's fraught relationship with Russia in a live interaction with the next generation of Russia's foreign-policy makers.
    Nov 30 2016
  • voting+lines
    "I'm only popular in the fall of even-numbered years," quips Skidmore political scientist Chris Mann on the "This is Skidmore" podcast. Why is his popularity in flux? Because he teaches campaigns and election research--hot topics leading up to November election days.
    Oct 27 2016
  • Skidmore News
    Professor Ron Seyb discusses reasons why the Government department at Skidmore College is now the Political Science department.
    Aug 31 2016
  • Skidmore News
    Does location matter when choosing a city to host national conventions? Christopher B. Mann, associate professor of political science, says "maybe not."
    Jul 16 2016