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Skidmore College
  • ocean+particles
    Atmospheric carbon is a big driver of climate change, and oceans are big regulators of atmospheric carbon--but how exactly? NASA is funding a Skidmore professor to find out more.
    Oct 7 2017
  • Dominique+Vuvan
    How does music therapy help people with speech disorders? How does the brain process lyrics and melody? A Skidmore neuroscientist has earned Grammy funding to investigate.
    May 8 2017
  • video
    Watch a few of our videos (some of them student-produced!) to experience Skidmore in a way that words sometimes just can't describe.
    May 1 2017
  • Skidmore News
    After a rigorous application process, professor Heather Hurst '97 and Laura Somen Harrison '91 have both been awarded 2017 Guggenheim Fellowships.
    Apr 24 2017
  • Skidmore News
    "As an experimental social psychologist, I'm interested in how people see each other and how that affects their interactions," says Leigh Wilton, who joined Skidmore's psychology faculty last year. Gender and race are her top issues.
    Mar 20 2017
  • Sistine+Chapel+%28detail%29
    A guest lecture on the 17th-century philosopher Spinoza will address his alleged atheism and will discuss ideas of the divine and the human. The event is Wednesday, Feb. 22, at 7:30 p.m.
    Feb 20 2017
  • Amber+Wiley
    Assistant Professor of American Studies and award-winning architectural and urban historian Amber Wiley knows what makes a particular place stand out.
    Feb 14 2017
  • malvicini+ship
    Funding for internships is nearly as diverse as the internships themselves. Who did what last summer, and what did they gain from it?
    Dec 2 2016
  • tang-n-toadvine+chairs
    Timely and relevant new professorships--strengthening Skidmore's offerings in history, Asian studies, and other fields--have been donated and filled.
    Oct 19 2016
  • Denise+Smith+presents+her+work
    The top danger to firefighters is the physical rigor of their work; nearly half of all line-of-duty deaths are due to sudden cardiac events. Skidmore's expert in this field just won a new Homeland Security research grant.
    Sep 16 2016