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    From corn breeds to calories to recipes, today's food issues have a lot to do with size and competition.
    May 23 2013
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    Food. We eat it, we love it, we gather around it, and we build community with it. Where does food come from? What's in it? Who grows it? Why doesn't everyone have enough? How does it grow? How is it cooked?" Get answers to these questions and more throughout Skidmore's Food Week.
    Mar 25 2012
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    Skidmore's student garden moved from dream to reality in just one year and is now experiencing its third summer. During a recent work shift, garden manager Gabby Stern '12 (left) enjoyed an early harvest of radishes. Students work in the garden throughout the growing season.
    Jun 13 2011
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    Riley Neugebauer gained experience in sustainability on several campuses and through working as a research analyst. She is especially interested in renewable energy options. (Eirik White photo)
    Dec 21 2010
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    A discussion on food is inspired by the current Tang show, Paula Hayes: Understory, which features "living art" designed to connect people with the natural environment.
    Sep 19 2010