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Skidmore College
  • Paul+Simon
    Each year Skidmore shares a lot of news about research, campus life, alumni, you name it. Which homepage stories reached the most eyeballs in 2017?
    Jan 4 2018
  • Skidmore News
    Beatlemore Skidmania 2017 was the last one under the oversight of its faculty founder, Gordon Thompson. He and student coordinator Will Scott '18 reflect on that and the future of the wildly popular tradition.
    Nov 20 2017
  • David+Brooks
    Renowned journalist and cultural critic David Brooks, speaking at Skidmore last week, argued that individual freedoms are good, but so are communitarian spirit and commitment.
    Nov 2 2017
  • Ballet+m%C3%A9canique+still
    Free public events this week include "Keep Dat A$$ Jumping," a lecture in youth music and gender issues.
    Oct 30 2017
  • Skidmore News
    Don't discount the cliché, advised the always original songwriting legend Paul Simon, as he shared tips, stories and insights at Skidmore last week.
    Oct 30 2017
  • Akiko+Mio%27s+Seed+of+Oryza+Sativa+
    Upcoming talks and events include art, business and a residency by a Caribbean-British writer, this year's McCormack Visiting Scholar-Artist.
    Oct 13 2017
  • Selected+Shorts+on+Tour
    Live readings of great authors by great actors, "Selected Shorts" is presented each week on National Public Radio -- and also this Saturday, July 22, on the Skidmore campus.
    Jul 17 2017
  • Jon+Batiste+and+Stay+Human
    The acclaimed Jon Batiste and his Late Show band Stay Human, perform at Skidmore on July 6, as part of the Stewart's Signature Series.
    Jun 29 2017
  • Skidmore+Jazz+Institute
    The Skidmore Jazz Institute (with faculty like Mike Faddis, above) is in its 30th summer, with public concerts by a panoply of acclaimed jazz artists.
    Jun 26 2017
  • Skidmore News
    More than one dream came true to make Skidmore the venue for the U.S. premiere of Cuba's Havana Lyceum Orchestra this month.
    Jun 14 2017