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Other Programs of Interest

Dual-Degree Engineering Programs with Dartmouth College, Clarkson University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Through cooperative arrangements with Dartmouth College, Clarkson University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Skidmore students may earn both the bachelor of arts degree from Skidmore and the bachelor of engineering degree from Dartmouth, Clarkson, or RPI in five years. For students electing the dual-degree program with Dartmouth, an additional one or two years may lead to the master of engineering management or the master of science degree.

Students interested in these programs apply through Skidmore’s Engineering Advisory Committee in their sophomore year (for 2-1-1-1 programs) or their junior year (for 3-2 programs). Students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.30 in science and mathematics courses at the time of their application.

Courses of study are rigorously structured to fulfill both Skidmore’s all-college and major requirements and the prerequisites for each specific engineering program. Incoming students interested in engineering should attend the informational meeting of the Engineering Advisory Committee held during orientation, and it is strongly recommended that students interested in engineering consult with a member of the Engineering Advisory Committee (see list below) as soon as possible to discuss their engineering interests and to plan a course of study.

The minimum requirements for these programs include at least CH 125 Principles of Chemistry, CS 106 Introduction to Computer Science, MA 111 Calculus I, MA 113 Calculus II, MA 211 Calculus III, PY 207 General Physics I, and PY 208 General Physics II. Additional minimal requirements are necessary for each program but differ by the school chosen and/or the engineering discipline under consideration. It is critically important that students begin to satisfy these minimum requirements in their first semester at the College. The members of the Engineering Advisory Committee will help students determine which additional courses are necessary and the sequencing of these courses in their schedule.

Students planning to enroll in Calculus and/or Chemistry need to take a placement exam before registering for courses, and students planning to enroll in Physics may take a placement exam if they choose. Information about the placement exams is included in the FYE Checklist and additional information can be found here

Members of the Engineering Advisory Committee are: