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Skidmore College
New Student Advising & Registration Guide

Academic Advising and Support Services

Skidmore College offers a number of academic support services for all students. As you plan your academic program at the College, keep in mind that the following resources may be helpful to you.

Office of Academic Advising (OAA)

The Office of Academic Advising (Starbuck Center, x5720) oversees Skidmore’s academic advising programs and services and disseminates information about academic policies, procedures, and programs of study. Academic Advising staff work closely with students, faculty, staff, and families to inform students’ academic decisions, to guide them to academic support services as necessary, and to enrich their intellectual lives through special program opportunities. In addition to coordinating the faculty-based advising system, the OAA oversees:

  • Credit-bearing Internships: OAA reviews all internship applications for summer and academic-year work and provides administrative support for IN 100 Exploration Internship opportunities.

  • Student Opportunity Funds: OAA provides competitive grants in support of student research, creative projects, and travel to read or present.

  • National Merit Scholarships: OAA supports students seeking institutional endorsement for undergraduate and graduate merit fellowships, scholarships, and grants.

  • Academic Integrity: OAA responds to violations of the Honor Code.

  • Academic Standing and Student Status: OAA counsels students on academic, personal, and medical leaves of absence and reviews the academic standing of all students to award honors distinctions and ensure compliance with Skidmore’s standards for continuation.

Student Academic Services (SAS)

The Office of Student Academic Services (Starbuck Center, x8150) is the College’s main office for students seeking a wide variety of services to promote academic achievement. As part of the college's commitment to academic excellence, the office serves all students interested in strengthening their academic performance by organizing peer tutoring, study groups, and drop-in tutoring, and offering one-on-one and small group academic support. SAS collaborates with other campus offices and faculty to support international students, English language learners, students of color, student athletes, and students with disabilities.

  • Peer Tutors: SAS hires students recommended by faculty to provide one-on-one tutoring with students in specific courses. Peer tutors are available for coursework in all disciplines. Students request a tutor in the SAS office. There is no fee for tutoring services.

  • Study Groups: SAS organizes study groups for a number of classes. There is no fee to attend these groups.

  • Disability & Accessibility Services: SAS staff includes a coordinator of student access services, who arranges for academic accommodations and assists students with other disability-related issues. Current documentation is required in order to apply for status as a student with a disability at Skidmore. Further guidelines are available on the SAS web site.

Other Academic Support Resources

Career Services
The Career Development Center (Starbuck Center, x5790) offers advice and guidance on career planning as well as information on internships, graduate study, and scholarships.

Computers and Writing
The Charlotte M. Lanzit Center for Computers and Writing (Palamountain Hall 302) provides students with a comfortable environment in which to use computers for academic or personal writing projects.  

Counseling Center
The Counseling Center (First floor Jonsson Tower, x5555) provides a supportive context in which students may actively reflect on personal dimensions of their college experience and arrive at important new understandings of their motivations, needs, values, and relationships with others.

First-Year Experience:  Scribner Seminar Peer Mentors
The First-Year Experience office (Starbuck Center, x8111) assigns peer mentors to particular Scribner Seminars. The peer mentors provide assistance to first-year students facing the challenges and stimulation of the seminars and the transition to college. Their experience as more advanced students, selected both for their academic achievement and their ability to steer new students to effective engagement, makes them a valued resource for enhancing the education of new Skidmore students. Peer mentors bridge the space between the classroom and the residence hall by serving as academic and social role models for the first-year student. They also support new students’ transition to college by encouraging their integration into the larger community of scholars through the promotion of academic and cocurricular opportunities.

Language Resource Center (LRC)
The Language Resource Center (Palamountain 429, x5207) provides resources for foreign language study. The facility includes multiple computer stations for use in the evenings, an interactive Smartboard, and multi-region DVD and VCR players with large-screen projection. The student stations also include webcams and headsets with microphones for intensive language practice and multimedia production. The LRC also has an open study area with multiple computer workstations for use by students on a drop-in basis. The lab also offers a lounge area for viewing foreign videos and TV from foreign stations received by satellite. An adjacent workroom provides additional workstations with hardware and software to support the production of multimedia projects.  

Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS) support
The MCS Peer Tutoring and Computing Lab (Harder Hall) is operated by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Department of Computer Science and provides tutorial and computing support for mathematics and computer science courses. Quantitative reasoning (QR) tutors are available to assist students working to satisfy QR requirements as well as students enrolled in departmental courses.

Off-Campus Study and Exchanges (U.S. and abroad)
The Off-Campus Study and Exchanges office (Starbuck Center, x5355) provides information on study in the United States, U.S. territories (including Puerto Rico), and foreign countries. Students seeking to clarify their academic goals may benefit from consulting OCSE staff about opportunities to enrich a Skidmore education. A GPA of 3.0 or better is needed in order to study off campus. Students must also be in good academic, social and financial standing with the College at the time of departure and have met all-college requirements appropriate to their year of study (or have an acceptable plan for completing such requirements). Students should check with their specific program regarding any additional requirements and consult the OCSE website for more information.

Writing Center
The Writing Center (Scribner Library Room 440, x8441;
writingcenter/) offers students individual help in any academic and personal writing project. Maintained by the English Department and directed by a faculty member, the center is staffed by Skidmore students majoring in subjects across the disciplines.  Writing tutors are especially effective in helping students generate ideas, organize material, and clarify writing style. The Writing Center is not a proofreading service, but tutors will answer students’ questions about grammar, punctuation, and effective style.  Whether students are new to college writing or already accomplished writers, they will find that a one-on-one meeting with a writing tutor will help them become better, more self-sufficient writers. The Writing Center is open daily, afternoons and evenings. Students may call to make an appointment, or they may walk in for tutoring during open hours. For additional writing resources please visit:  

Technology Resources

The Office of Information Technology encourages students to take advantage of available computers and technology resources throughout the College. This section is intended to address the incoming student’s questions about campus computer systems and capabilities.

Help Desk
The IT help desk is located on the main floor of the Scribner Library. The help desk staff will handle questions relating to the campus computing and networking resources. You can contact the help desk at 518-580-5900 (x5900 on campus) or via email at

Public Computing Resources
Public-access computer areas are located in Case Center’s Burgess Café, dining halls (web access only), Scribner Library, Bolton Hall, Harder Hall, and Howe/Rounds. These locations offer access to PC and Macintosh computers, with course-related software, email, web and Microsoft Office applications installed. Most areas are open from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. during the academic year, and there is no charge for use of public computing facilities.

Media Services offers a specialized multimedia lab in the Library. This lab offers a variety of specialized computing resources for audio, video, and image editing. Media Services also offers fee-based color printing and CD/DVD production services.

Student assistants are on duty at the help desk (x5900) and in Media Services (x5940) to help with computer-related questions.

Personal Computing
Students may bring any brand of computer to campus, although the College recommends the purchase of Dell and Apple computers. Skidmore’s student support web site ( offers detailed information about recommended configurations and includes links to the Dell and Apple educational sales sites. Basic computer supplies such as disks, cables, and paper are available at the Skidmore Shop.

Campus Communications
A computer network extends throughout the residence halls, providing full network and Internet connectivity to students with network-ready PC and Macintosh systems. The service is free and installation instructions are available online at

Most academic buildings on campus are accessible to wireless networking technologies, as well as Case Green and the South Park area. For additional information, consult

Off-Campus Networking
The College does not provide dial-in ports for network access from off-campus locations. Students who reside off campus are encouraged to sign up with an outside service provider, such as Time Warner Road Runner, Verizon DSL, or various dial-up services.