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Skidmore College
New Student Advising & Registration Guide

Thinking About an Academic Major

If you do not yet know what your major will be, don't worry. Many entering students are undecided about their areas of academic interest, and we encourage all students to explore a variety of majors and minors during the first few semesters at Skidmore. You must declare a major in the second semester of the sophomore year prior to registering for classes for the junior year. A liberal arts education encourages the evolution of academic and career interests, and it is not uncommon for students to change majors several times to reflect their new interests.

If you are undecided on a major, you may want to construct a first-year course schedule that focuses on the all-college requirements. Consider taking a course or two in academic disciplines in which you have a special interest. You may also want to consider courses in disciplines that were not represented in your high school curriculum to give you a better sense of the range of options in the liberal arts. You will find it helpful to look through the department recommendations for registration in this guide to give you some ideas about course combinations.

If you are leaning toward a particular major, it is important to note that a few programs of study at Skidmore (for example, studio art, pre-med, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, education, social work, theater) require an early major decision and a carefully planned sequence of courses. Check the recommendations for your area of interest under "Academic Departments and Programs" in this guide.