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Skidmore College
Off-Campus Study & Exchanges

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Course Selection and Approval

As part of the OCSE application process, you will need to select the courses you plan to take off-campus and complete our online Proposed Course of Study form. We have outlined the process for this below. Please read each step carefully.

  1. Review OCSE's academic policies.

  2. Visit your off-campus program website and search for course offerings that are offered the semester you want to go. Create a list of courses, including backup options. Make a note of the following information  you will need to complete your course approval form:

    • Course Number
    • Course Title
    • Host credits
    • Link to course description or syllabus

  3. Meet with your academic advisor and discuss your course selection and your progress toward graduation.

  4. Complete OCSE's "Proposed Course of Study Form" online. Step-by-step instructions can be found here.

    • You must begin your Skidmore off-campus study application before completing the course form.
    • You must enroll in a full course of study (generally between 15 and 18 semester credits).
    • Course credit hours are determined by the host institution; Skidmore accepts transfer credits only as reported by the host institution.
    • Add courses to the form that you intend to take while off campus.
    • Indicate if you'd like to have a course fulfill a major/minor requirement or if you would like to receive general elective credit. By selecting General Elective Credit on the Off-Campus Proposed Course of Study form, you will only receive general transfer credit according to the transfer credit guidelines. You can find the transfer credit guidelines on the Registrar's website at
    • Any courses for language credit must be approved by World Languages and Literatures. This must be done even if you want general elective credit. NOTE: You CANNOT repeat the same level of a language class while abroad; you will not receive credit for that class.
    • Some of these courses will be pre-approved and appear in the course list and some will need approval by a specific department in which case you will need to add the HOST course number, title, credits, and a link to the course description.
    • Courses that need departmental approval will be sent to the chair via email.

  5. Be sure to hit "SUBMIT" to complete your section of the course form. The form will not move to the next state until you hit "submit"

  6. You are able to change and add courses up until you submit the form. After you submit the form, you will not be able to alter it.