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Off-Campus Study & Exchanges

Photo Contest - 2012

Off-Campus Study & Exchanges is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 OCSE Photo Contest. OCSE received hundreds of photos from students that studied off-campus during the 2011-12 academic year. Photos were submitted in one of two categories, Student Experience and Sense of Place. A first-place winner was selected for each category. A Best of Show award was also given for the best overall photo. Representatives chosen by the office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges served as the judging committee for the contest.

Student Experience

First Place Award, 2012: Hostmother, is this how I cook the pop- submitted by Jillian Celestino

South Africa-Jillian Celestino

Photo taken by Jillian Celestino, while studying in South Africa on the OTS program in spring 2012.

Sense of Place

First-Place Award, 2012: Evening on the Ganga- submitted by Melissa Green

Rishikesh, India-Melissa Green

Photo taken by Melissa Green while studying in India on the SIT: Sustainable Development and Social Change program during the spring 2012 semester.

Best in Show

First-Place Award, 2012: Oldest Priest at the Taratarini Temple - submitted by Jenna Kellett

India-Jenna Kellett

Photo taken by Jenna Kellett while studying in India on the SIT: National Identity and the Arts program during the fall 2011 semester.