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Skidmore College
Skidmore in London

University of the Arts London

University of the Arts London is Europe's largest university for art, design, fashion, communications and the performing arts. The University is comprised of 6 internationally renowned Colleges, each with their own style, academic offerings, and location.

  • Camberwell College of Arts is located in Southward, an artistic and vibrant borough of London, and has approximately 1,750 students enrolled. Camberwell is known for its teaching in photography, graphics, illustration, drawing, painting, sculpture and 3D design.
  • Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design is located in King's Cross and has a student body size of 5,000. This College offers fine art, fashion and textiles, graphics and 3D design, and theatre and performance.
  • Chelsea College of Art and Design is home to 1,750 students and is located right next door to the Tate Britain and the river Thames. This College is famous for its fine art (painting, sculpture, media), graphic design, and interior design and textile programs.
  • London College of Communication, located in South East London, offers students TV studios, darkrooms, animation suites, and other state of the art facilities to learn their trade. LCC enrolls 5,000 students and is home to the Stanley Kubrick Archive.
  • London College of Fashionoffers its student body of 5,000 training in all aspects of the fashion industry.
  • Wimbledon College of Art is located 15 minutes outside central London and is the smallest of the Colleges, with 1,100 students. Wimbledon College is know for its Fine Arts and Theatre & Screen programs.


Students at UAL can choose to participate in one of two program options: the Integrated Semester Study Abroad program or the "Stand Alone" Semester program.

The Integrated Semester option has our students studying one course (i.e. Fine Art: Sculpture) alongside UAL's degree seeking students. Skidmore students are fully integrated into the BA course and must adapt to the British style of teaching and studying. Courses are delivered in a variety of ways including individual and group tutorials, projects, seminars, lectures, and museum, gallery and studio visits. Much of the students' time will be spent independently of teaching staff.

The duration of the course is 10-11 weeks for a total of 12-13 US credits. Students can then take the 2 week, 3 US credits, "European Art History module" which can include a study trip within Europe. This module option is only available to students at Camberwell, Chelsea, and Wimbledon.

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The Stand Alone Semester option is designed specifically with Study Abroad students in mind. The teaching is more structured and there is more faculty support than on the integrated programs. Instead of taking one course for the full semester students will take multiple modules making up between 12-16 US credits.

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UAL provides housing in residence halls (dorms or apartments) located either in central London or within a half-hour's travel time to the campuses. The halls feature single rooms with common cooking and social areas.

Program Dates

Students can apply to study at UAL for the fall, spring or full-year.