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Skidmore in Paris
Skidmore in France details to come. Please contact Emily Gaul at with questions.

Skidmore in Paris:
Liberal Arts, Language & Business

The Skidmore in Paris: Liberal Arts, Language & Business programs is designed for students at all levels of French language skills (beginner to advanced) to study in Paris, taking courses taught in French or English. The program is available in the fall semester, spring semester, or for the full-year, and strives to integrate students as fully as possible into the academic, cultural, and social life of Paris. Upon acceptance, students will be assigned to one of two IES academic centers in Paris based on their language level and academic interest. 

Unique characteristics of skidmore in paris

  • Study options available in all French language levels - beginning to advanced.
  • Classes taught in English and French.
  • Wide range of class subjects available in arts, business, humanities and social sciences.
  • Classes offered at the two IES program centers and partner institutions throughout Paris.
  • Internship opportunities for students with a higher level of French language.

Course selection

Students studying on the Skidmore in Paris program will enroll in at least 15 credits at the IES Abroad centers in Paris and/or at one of a variety of institutions throughout Paris. Each student is required to take a French language course (taught at an IES center) at the appropriate level. To see a list of possible course options, please click here

Students will typically take 5 classes in Paris including:

  • required French language course at the appropriate level.
  • 3-4 additional courses from:
    • the IES center the student is assigned to
    • partner institutions*
    • internship*

*Some course options require advanced French language skills (at least the equivalent of 4 semesters of college-level French).

IES Centers in Paris

  • IES Business & International Affairs (BIA) center (courses taught in English)
    The BIA center is for students with beginning or intermediate French language skills. All classes at the BIA center, except the required French language course, are taught in English. Available course work includes art history, business, economics, French studies, history, international affairs, media studies, political science, and sociology.
  • IES French Studies center (courses taught in French)
    The French Studies center is for students with high-intermediate or advanced French language skills. Students must be enrolled in or have completed the equivalent of 4 semesters of college-level French (WLF-206 or above) to be assigned to the IES French Studies Center. All classes at the French Studies center are taught in French but designed for study abroad students. Available course work includes art history, film studies, Francophone studies, French studies, history, international affairs, political science, and sociology.

Partner institutions

Students can also select courses from Skidmore’s partner institutions in Paris. Skidmore partners with a number of academic institutions in Paris to offer a wider range of course options for students. However, enrollment at some outside institutions, like the French universities, Université Paris-Sorbonne or Institut Catholique de Paris, depends on linguistic competence. Students have the opportunity to enroll in courses at a variety of partner institutions including:

* Some courses at this institution require advanced French language skills.

Actual course offerings available outside the center will vary each semester depending on what is available through the local universities and students’ academic needs. The exact list of courses available at outside institutions will NOT be available until after arrival in Paris.

Due to scheduling conflicts and commute times, students are recommended to take classes at only 1-2 partner institutions in addition to the IES center. 

Skidmore in Paris


Internship experiences are also available to participants with a high-intermediate level (usually the equivalent of at least 4 semesters of French language, WLF-206 or above). Typical internships are in communications, marketing, publishing, human resources, education, the arts & museums, and NGOs. Students must complete paperwork prior to arrival and must complete a seminar alongside the internship.


Coursework taken in Paris is reported on a Skidmore transcript, and grades will be computed into the Skidmore GPA. Maturity-level credits taken in Paris may count toward Skidmore's maturity-level requirements with departmental approval. Visiting students should check with their home campuses for information on credit transfer.